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Child at Psychologist


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Child In Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy can address these areas of weakness and close the gap, with the goal of advancing your child’s speech to the age-appropriate range. Our therapists are results-driven and are focused on helping children use their new speech and language skills outside of therapy. We provide parents with training and support to help their children practice between sessions.


ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a widely recognized, research-based treatment methodology for understanding and improving human behavior. Our clinical team uses scientifically proven ABA methods to bring about positive, meaningful changes in the lives of individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. ABA looks to reduce problematic behaviors and help clients develop new skills and more functional behaviors to foster the individual’s independence. The treatment setting is determined by assessing the client’s needs, current goals, barriers, and parental involvement.

Mother and a Child

Parent Training

We believe that the more we can help our families learn and understand how services work and how they can help, the better we can serve the children that come to us. Working together in collaboration with our patients' parents, they can learn skills in behavioral techniques and learn to maintain them, to truly be the tipping point towards progress for their child. 

Children Playing

Social Skills

We believe that all individuals deserve to have meaningful social relationships that will improve the quality of their life. Social relationships are the number one predictor of childhood success and here at The Behavioral Effect, we want to help support that process in any way we can. 


Our occupational therapists address sensory issues and equip parents to manage their child's behavior more successfully. Problems with sensory processing can explain why children with autism may not like noise, being touched, or the feel of certain clothing. Pediatric occupational therapists help children and adolescents learn and develop the skills that they need to successfully function in the world as adults. Our goal is to help your child access their natural environments with greater ease, increase their independence, and improve their ability to take part in activities that are meaningful to the child and family.

Occupational Therapy

Baby Playing with Building Blocks


Q: What ages do you accept?

A: We accept children ages 12 and under.

Q: Is this specifically for patients with autism only?

A: No, ABA and speech can benefit all children with a diagnosis. 

Q: How many hours of ABA does my child need?

A: BCBA will conduct a formal evaluation and BCBA will recommend hours

based on the treatment plan.

Q: Does my child need a doctor's referral?

A: It is not required but highly recommended.

Q: Do you offer speech therapy services only in English?

A: No, we also offer our speech therapy services in Spanish as well.

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